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debian-eeepc suspend issues with networkmanager

I was having issues with NetworkManager being unable to talk to my wireless card after resuming my Eee running Debian (sid) with Xfce4.

I was using the eeepc-acpi-scripts from the main debian repository, and not using the 'zzz' or 'wifi' scripts that some people recommend download, as they caused video issues on resume.

So I made changes to the file at /etc/acpi/actions/ You'll find my modified below:

# do nothing if package is removed
[ -d /usr/share/doc/eeepc-acpi-scripts ] || exit 0
if (runlevel | grep -q [06]) || (pidof '/sbin/shutdown' > /dev/null); then
exit 0
brightness=$(cat $brn_control)
#turn off wireless, stop network-manager
/etc/acpi/actions/ off

/etc/init.d/dbus stop
pm-suspend --quirk-s3-bios --quirk-dpms-on
#picks up here for resume
echo $brightness > $brn_control
#restart dbus (and thus nm), turn wireless back on
/etc/init.d/dbus start
/etc/acpi/actions/ on

you may want to modify to retry turning wireless on until it is successful... i've found sometimes it quits, and it seems unnecessary for it to give up so soon. maybe i'll post those changes later... just ask if you need them.
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